Workshop on Cultural Differences

We invite foreigners working in Ukraine and building Ukrainian business teams to attend the workshop by multicultural expert George Lupascu-Pruna.
For What?
This Workshop can help you understand the following:
How to Motivate, Engage and increase the Responsibility of your Ukrainian team
How to get the trust of the Ukrainians working for you as a foreigner
How to set up the right Retention Strategy to Keep and Attract the Talents from the market
How to improve the communication in your multinational teams
How to remove the “communication problems” that stop you from delivering the projects
How to understand the foreigners working in Ukraine
How to create your negotiation strategy with different foreigners
For Whom?
Directors, CEOs, HR Managers, Strategy Developers, Leaders, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Anyone interacting with people from other nations.
What will you receive? 
Summary of Hofstede’s 6D Model and the scores of most of the countries
Printed Course
Diploma for attending the Workshop
Lots of practical knowledge on behaviors and their meaning across the world
8:30 – Registration, coffee, networking
9:00 – Welcome and Introduction
9:15 – The Impact of Culture on Business
9:30 – Simulation of Work behavior in a different Culture 11:00 – Hofstede’s 6D Model 
11:30 – Hierarchy and Collectivism
12:45 – Lunch break
13:30 – Performance Driven and Uncertainty Avoidant 14:30 – Long Term Orientation and Indulgence
15:30 – Case Study
17:00 – Q&A
17:20 – Summary and Closure
Price: 3400 UAH. For MAMI members is a discount of 5%.
Join the Introductory Workshop on Cultural Differences on the 23th of September in BSK (Laherna 30-32, room 309)  from 08:30 am to 18:00 pm.

registration here 
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